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Mobitel Innovation Center is located in Maradana, suburb of Colombo. The attractive building is designed to inspire individuals and to awaken their creativity. The center creates a very comfortable and conducive ambiance for the knowledge workers to team up, synergize and spark creative ideas needed for designing and developing of innovative next-gen products and solutions.

The facility will provide customers a platform to experience Mobitel’s latest technological solutions while exchanging ideas for mutual benefit and be knowledge rich, information savvy and empowered by the technologically advanced solutions offered.

The ground floor of the modular Innovation Center features a Co-Creation Space, with a lounge area to bring people together and foster discussions. It makes an ideal meeting place for top management such as Directors, C-level and Heads of Departments to brain storm and plan technology roadmaps that is in line with market and global trends. The area can also be converted into an event area.

Whether you are looking for taking your idea to a viable business or simply want learn about new technologies to address current challenges in day to day business or life, a visit to the Mobitel Innovation Center can open a world of possibilities.



The Innovation Center stands for openness, collaboration, creativity, and transparency. It brings people, knowledge, insights and technology together to find innovative solutions to businesses and community. Those who come here are open-minded and curious for innovation. It is a space for interdisciplinary collaboration with modern working environment consisting with cutting-edge research conditions, an attractive working environment and competitive production facilities.