Techno 2019

Mobitel demonstrations at Techno 2019


General public visiting Techno 2019

Techno Sri Lanka, The National Engineering and Technology exhibition organized by the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL), will bring together national and international professionals and academia members from Engineering and other related fields and offers an outstanding platform to display the achievements of our Engineers, Academics, Entrepreneurs and Industries to national and international audience and their stakeholders. In this event Mobitel showcased numerous components to give an innovative experience to the general public. Out of the components team MIC took initiative to showcase the following stalls:

Evolution of the Mobile Technology Generations

In order to provide an innovative experience to the general public and to create awareness and reawaken the memories of the ancient mobile technologies and the devices MIC took initiative to design a stall including First generation mobile network(1G) to Fifth generation mobile network(5G). Evolution of the telecommunication technology around the world, in Sri Lanka and the contribution of Mobitel as the national technology service provider over the 25 years was demonstrated. People were able to personally experience the old to latest devices from 1G to 5G. It was a novel experience to younger generation to experience old technology and nostalgic to the elder generation to witness devices as well as Mobitel advertisements they enjoyed back in the days.

Safe City

Safe City concept introduced by Mobitel Innovation Centre is an integration of new products such as PoC (PUSH-TO-TALK over cellular) devices, CCTV systems, Facial Recognition (FR) systems, License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and Video Management Software (VMS). The integration of the system can cater to the public safety in an accurate and efficient manner by interconnecting police, hospitals and other relevant responsible authorities.  FR, LPR and VMS can recognize accidents, traffic violations and general incidents separately and notify them to relevant authorities for further actions.

For an example, if and accident takes place, the system can notify to the nearest hospital for ambulance services and also to the police officers through PoC devices with live video feeds for efficient assistance.