Infotel 2019

Mobitel demonstrations at Infotel 2019


General public visiting Infotel 2019

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS), the apex body of the ICT industry, hosts the INFOTEL 2019, the National ICT Exhibition, for the 27th consecutive year from the 1st to 3rd November 2019 at the BMICH premises. Among the other solutions MIC took initiative to host the following stalls in the Mobitel stall which was located in the SLT group exhibition area named “Digitastic”:

mSpace Engagement

mSpace is a web portal that provides you the necessary access to build digital services. This provides you the opportunity to reach Mobitel customers and earn money while doing so. We hosted an engagement programme to create awareness about the mSpace product to the general public and educated them on the process of creating applications as well as the benefits they may receive through it.

Evolution of the Mobile Technology Generations

In order to provide an innovative experience to the general public and to create awareness and reawaken the memories of the ancient mobile technologies and the devices MIC took initiative to design a stall including First generation mobile network(1G) to Fifth generation mobile network(5G). Evolution of the telecommunication technology around the world, in Sri Lanka and the contribution of Mobitel as the national technology service provider over the 25 years was demonstrated. People were able to personally experience the old to latest devices from 1G to 5G. It was a novel experience to younger generation to experience old technology and nostalgic to the elder generation to witness devices as well as Mobitel advertisements they enjoyed back in the days.