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Mobitel Demonstrates its latest technologies and Innovations at Digital Road map launch event


General public visiting Digital Road map launch event

Paving a digital journey towards a smart Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) together with Mobitel launched the ‘National Digital Roadmap’ on the 11th of June 2019 with the presence of His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena. The overall vision of the National Digital Roadmap has been established, based on the broad principle ‘Limitless You’. Many technological opportunities, including the access to the internet, mobile technologies and smart solutions remained largely unrelated to the daily lives of the people for years, but the SLT Group mitigated this ‘digital gap’ by expanding ICT solutions and infrastructure.

Mobitel Innovation Centre took the initiative to launch the latest technologies which were in the testing stage at the event at Nelum Pokuna on the same day. The registration process of the dignitaries as well as the general public was conducted by team MIC using the facial recognition solution. Through this solution it created awareness to the crowd through the panels displayed at several locations inside the exhibition environment including a customized welcome message as well as the parameters such as age, level of emotions etc. We conducted three main stalls at the event to create awareness to the corporate sector which in return we received invitations for further collaborations. Concepts showcased at the event are as follows:

Safer School

As a new technological step due to the prevailing situation in the country team MIC introduced the facial recognition solution for schools at the “Digital Road Map” event as an intelligent component for security purposes. The system is capable of crowd monitoring and specifically capable of identifying the threat to people through facial recognition mechanism and can be implemented in schools. As other outcomes of the project, Access Control, Attendance marking and visitor management systems of the school can be automated in a seamless way with the aforesaid system.


PUSH-TO-TALK over cellular (PoC)

The next generation secure Walkie-Talkie solution which caters island wide through the Mobitel 4G network was presented at the event. It provides more practical communication to Police, Tri-Forces and required corporates to achieve secure security solutions through the effective features of the devices. Multimedia communication is enabled through the 4G network and since the communication through the devices does not require separate towers for the coverage this solution is recognized as a cost effective solution.